Prehistoric Suffolk

Prehistoric Suffolk

Monday 22 July 2024 to Friday 30 August 2024

Times: 8.00am

Prices: £450, £350, £275, £180, £100, £80

Venue: Hawstead, Suffolk

Event details

Join us at Prehistoric Suffolk, in Hawstead, 15 minutes from Bury St Edmunds, to take part in an archaeological excavation digging into Suffolks Prehistoric past.

Past to Present Archaeology are undertaking a research initiative to study the Bronze Age communities of Western Suffolk. The project aims to add to the increasing amount of research-led archaeological investigation of Bronze Age Britain to help us to better understand how those inhabiting Prehistoric Suffolk lived, farmed, created and used tools, and honoured their dead.

Situated within a 15-minute drive from Bury St Edmunds, our field school experiences are perfectly suited to students aiming to increase their archaeological understanding as well as archaeology enthusiasts. Whether you wish to enhance your archaeological skills passport or simply desire to have an archaeological adventure, this is the perfect opportunity for you to train with our team of experienced archaeologists who will guide you and nurture your passion for archaeology.

Last season, multiple pits and postholes were found to be present within our targeted ring ditch. The site was found to have multiple occupation layers spanning from the Late Mesolithic through to the Bronze Age identified by hundreds of lithic artefacts and a small pottery assemblage. Two cremations were also discovered, one of which was excavated and is currently being analysed, and the other has been covered for a future excavation season.

You will receive archaeological training and instruction in:
• Site conduct and health and safety considerations
• Setting out archaeological grids for excavation, fieldwalking etc.
• Clean and identify archaeological features and deposits
• Stratigraphic excavation and recording
• Maintaining accurate site records
• Archaeological photography
• Archaeological interpretation
• Drawing archaeological plans and sections to appropriate scales
• Archaeological survey with Leica GPS
• Environmental sampling strategies
• OSL Dating practices
• Artefact retrieval and finds cataloguing
• Dry sieving for flints

Everyone’s experience can be tailored to them. You can do as much or as little as you want from the list above or focus on learning about/honing your skills in a particular area.

Please wear suitable clothing and be prepared for different weather conditions. Shoes must be sturdy and filled in, no open toes.

Parking is available on site. Camping is also available for a charge of £25 a week, including showers and cooking facilities.

A lunch, snacks and drinks are provided throughout the day.
Children 16 and under must be accompanied by an adult.

Times: 8am-5pm, Monday 22nd July - Friday 30th August
Tickets: 1 week £450 | Students £350. Weekend experience £180. Day experience £100. If booking multiple weeks, weekends in-between are free. Environmental Processing Course (3 days) £275. Finds Processing Course (1 day) £80.
Booking: Essential, Please click here to book and for further information.
Venue: Hawstead, Suffolk

This event is promoted by Past to Present Archaeology.

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