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On 9 February 1961, The Beatles made the first of their 292 appearances at the now legendary Cavern Club in Mathew Street, Liverpool.

More 60 years on, the Cavern Beatles, a band fully endorsed and licensed by the same club, return to The Apex with their remarkable show.

The Cavern Beatles are one of the country’s longest established tribute shows, able to recreate the incredible Beatles back catalogue with fastidious accuracy, both musically and vocally.

For their new tour, they are concentrating on The Beatles touring years of 1963 through to 1966, giving each year greater consideration than in previous shows where the band would replicate nuggets from the whole of the “fabs” career. This gives fans the opportunity to hear live renditions of songs so often overlooked in shows which cover the whole spread. Of course, all the hits are there but also album tracks and B-sides.

The band’s cast members, as well as being talented instrumentalists and singers, are hugely dedicated Beatle fans, intent on recreating their individual character on stage. Their uncanny vocal resemblance to the Fab Four is due to their upbringing in the same place... Liverpool.

As ambassadors of “The most famous club in the world”, the Cavern Beatles bring to the stage the music that has now influenced three generations.

Their breath-taking attention to detail has drawn the attention of German music companies, Hofner Guitars and Pyramid Strings, both of whom now endorse them with their products.

With their widespread appeal being more apparent than ever in the varying age groups that continue to follow the band, the Cavern Beatles are widely regarded as being as close to the real thing as they are ever likely to get.

"The likenesses are striking - but the sound, the sound... this could, indeed be the Beatles" - Irish Times

"They have studied the mannerisms, gestures and expressions of their superstar subjects and they are accomplished singers and instrumentalists who manage to capture the musical feel of the original Fab Four" - Former Beatles Press Officer, Tony Barrow

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Starts: 7.30pm
Tickets: £28.50
Venue: The Apex, Bury St Edmunds

Prices include £1.50 booking fee

This event is promoted by The Apex

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