Bury St Edmunds Guildhall

Bury St Edmunds Guildhall

Sunday 19 September 2021

Times: 10.00am

Prices: Free of charge

Venue: Bury St Edmunds Guildhall

Event details

From imprisoning kidnapped monks to housing Cromwell’s soldiers, hosting abolitionist meetings to WWII secret military operations, the Guildhall has seen plenty of drama over the centuries.

During Heritage Open Days you can explore the story of this incredible building and the people of Bury St Edmunds throughout a millennium of change.

Indoor and outdoor tours will be available covering a range of topics, including the history of the ingredients that shaped our daily dining habits, and the secrets properties of plants in our Sensory Garden.

You will also have free entry to a truly unique local feature - the Guildhall ROC Operations Room - the last of its kind left in the country. The Ops Room was the wartime home of 14 Group Royal Observer Corps (ROC) whose incredible efforts helped win the Battle of Britain.

Visit the Guildhall during Heritage Open Days to explore the untold stories of these everyday heroes.

Times: 10am-5pm
Tickets: This event is free as it is part of Heritage Open Days!
Booking: Essential - visit the Bury St Edmunds Guildhall website to book
Venue: Bury St Edmunds Guildhall, Guildhall Street, Bury St Edmunds

This is a Heritage Open Days 2021 event promoted by Bury St Edmunds Guildhall.

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