Online Talk: What was so special about “Rendel’s homestead”?

Online Talk: What was so special about “Rendel’s homestead”?

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An online talk by Eleanor Rye exploring Rendlesham and its wider environment through place-names.

Part of a series of 10 online talks Behind the Scenes: Analysing Anglo-Saxon Rendlesham.

An early East Anglian royal settlement has been identified at Rendlesham in south-east Suffolk. For the first time, the experts will be sharing their results to tell us even more about Rendlesham and its connections with the Anglo-Saxon world.

This talk will explore what place-names tell us about Rendlesham as a remarkable place but will also discuss the more ordinary names which allow us to understand Rendlesham’s place in the wider environment of south-east Suffolk.

Meet the experts and get your questions ready to ask them during the live Q&A.

Please Note: The event will be held live online on 13 November at 2pm UK time. It will be recorded and the video will be available to view on our website at a later date after the event had ended.

If you have any questions, please email

Times: 2pm-3pm
Tickets: Free of charge
Booking: Essential - click here to book
Venue: Live Stream

This event is promoted by Suffolk County Council Archaeological Service

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