Live Streaming - Mark Thomas's Showtime from the Frontline

Live Streaming - Mark Thomas's Showtime from the Frontline

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Enjoy Mark Thomas's acclaimed 2018 'Showtime From The Front Line', in your living room, on Tuesday 9 June at 7.30pm, for just £5.

The show will be followed by a live Q&A with Mark Thomas himself and his co-stars Faisal and Alaa.

Thomas explains the genesis of the show: Back in 2009, I walked the length of the Israeli wall in the West Bank. I was arrested, fell down mountains and slept in the middle of an Israeli firing range, and I was prepared to follow my own stupidity as long as that route was the route of the wall.

I was persuaded to venture from this path to visit the Jenin Freedom Theatre, a theatre in a refugee camp, run by Juliano Mer Khemis, a half Palestinian, half Israeli actor....

So, order in your favourite takeaway, pour yourself a drink and enjoy a unique night of comedy from the comfort of your own home!

Running order:
7.30pm - Intro from Mark (live)
7.35pm - Showtime from the Frontline
9.05pm - Comfort Break
9.10pm - Q&A with Mark (live)

Time: 7:30pm
Tickets: £5
Booking: Visit Go Faster Stripe to book.
Venue: Live Stream

This event is promoted by Tin Cat Entertainment.

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