Saturday 20th July 2019

  1. Viva Santana

    A celebration of the music of Carlos Santana performed by Viva Santana, featuring inspirational Spanish guitarist - Marcos Rodriguez.
    £22 - 8pm
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  2. Looking In Wonderland

    The unique and Imaginative illustrations of John Tenniel from the 1st edition of Alice in Wonderland and Alice through the looking Glass.
  3. Strictly Saturdays

    Dump the shopping and come dancing at The Apex in the upstairs bar! Ballroom, Latin and Rock & Roll - just turn up and join in! Strictly Saturdays runs from 2.30pm-4.30pm one Saturday a month - check ...
  4. History & Heritage Walking Tour

    Join our History and Heritage Walking Tour and learn more about Newmarket, the fascinating town which has been a favourite destination for royals since the 17th century.
  5. Meet the Warrior elite and their retinue

    Step into the world of 6th and 7th century Northern Europe with Wulfheodenas and discover their weapons, treasures and crafts.