Tuesday 28th May 2019

  1. Mixed Ability Yoga

    Emily’s Mixed Ability Vinyasa class, covers various postures and flows while integrating basic breathing and meditation techniques to improve energy and release any build-up of tension you may have ac...
    £8 - 5.45pm-6.45pm
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  2. Ruby Wax, the Monk and the Neuroscientist

    How To Be Human. This is the follow up to Ruby’s sell out shows 'Sane New World' and 'Frazzled'.
    £23 - 7.30pm
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  3. Artworks 20th Anniversary Exhibition

    Artworks, a co-operative of 30 East Anglian artists, celebrates its 20th anniversary with this exhibition.
  4. Maze Trails

    Visit the 12 stations within Nowton Park Maze to solve the Wildlife Puzzle.