Nature in East Town Park

East Town Park | Coupals Road Haverhill Suffolk CB9 7UW

East Town Park flower

Osier Beds

The Osier beds at East Town Park serve as a reminder of the willows that once grew there and were used by local Haverhill basket weavers. The stumps are managed and cut back and can grow more than six feet in a season, providing welcome shelter for birds such as bullfinches. The occasional muntjac deer can be seen there early in the morning.

East Meadow

To find the home of squirrels and rooks, head to the East Meadow which has a beautiful area of mature walnut trees. This is a meadow for all seasons with early snowdrops, yellow aconites and nest building in February through to pond dipping in the summer.  

Stable Yard 

Made up of borders, raised beds and ponds, this is a wildlife area abundant with native plants and insects. The area is a fascinating place for visiting schools to explore. In winter a bird feeding station is maintained providing sustenance throughout the season, you can sit and enjoy watching woodpeckers and finches from the warmth of the park centre. 

Sturmer Meadow 

This former arable field is now home to a variety of lizards that like to bask on log piles on sunny days. The meadow is the perfect place for them to reside as the grassland provides them with plenty of food that they can forage. 

The avenue 

The avenue once led up to the The Coupals, a large Victorian house that was home to the Gurteen family whose fortunes were founded in textiles. The avenue is lined by lime and horse chestnut trees which provide shelter for nesting rooks. 

The brook 

The brook plays an important role in supplying local wildlife with habitats and food. Kingfishers and grey wagtails can be seen fishing alongside moorhens and water voles. During the summer months, fish such as roach and chub have been known to swim in the deeper parts of the brook and the banded demoiselle damselfly has been known to make an appearance. 

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